Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strong Box #2

While tearing out the Dining Room floor the year before, I set aside some of the teak squares with the idea that one day these could become gift wrap. Revisiting the idea of the interior maze (Australia Box) which had failed due to its immensity, a smaller box with a few moving parts would provide an opportunity for redemption and a better reward at the end.

This box was, as in the early years, created from scraps in the shed. I took photos of the interior this time so I wouldn't forget how it was constructed. Once a suitable set of runs and dead ends were configured, and some sliding chambers added to change directions, the teak flooring went on as a skin.

Inside were a red and a white marble. If the white marble was freed from the maze, a tiny white present hanging on the tree was given. If the red marble was freed, a tiny red present was offered. Both marbles made it out: diamond earrings (white) and ruby earrings (red).

Another Merry Jewelry Christmas.