Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Year Off

Weihnachtsmarkt Frankfurt

In 2007 we were in Germany for Christmas. Pete and Alyssa had been traveling and working across Europe since June. All points converged on the Frankfurt Airport in December where we were met by Pete and Alyssa. These were the days before babies; Kirsten was pregnant with Natalie, so it was considerably easier to be spontaneous tourists for a couple of weeks.

I made no gift wrap this year. There was plenty going on without it.

The trip was one of a lifetime. Getting all the family together again for a traveling holiday vacation is a fine goal, but we were fortunate to carry it off even once. We're also fortunate that every other year the family comes home for Christmas.

Pictured below are the gifts left by Santa outside each of our doors in the 16th century house we rented in Meissenheim.