Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crooked Toes

After two years of extensive "wrap-destruction" it occurred to me that the package could become the best part of the gift.  If the wrap were something Pat wouldn't want to destroy in the process of opening her gift, that could make it a more interesting challenge.

Upon finding a miniature of the gargoygle Dido in a Yorktown shop, I was immediately attracted to it because the original sculptor made Dido with crossed toes. Anyone who has taken a look at Pat's feet has seen something similar. I bought her kindred toe-mate and launched into making a box.

In the early years--this being the earliest--I resolved only to take materials found around the house from which to make the 'container.' This year there was a plank of redwood in the garage, probably left over from a bookshelf. This was before my table saw days, so I cut six pieces with a circular saw. The resulting imprecision was not especially attractive. So I assembled the box--all but the top-- with screws. Then with the orbital sander I took down to rough edges that didn't line up at first. This, to my delight, also took off the screw heads.

Now the gift could only be opened from the top without sawing through it.  On the top I carved in a decorative "C" for Christmas (or Carl?). Four dowels held the lid on tightly. Pat would have to discover that prying was the only non-destructive way in. 

She solved it in minutes, however the box and Dido are still on display in her office. The package has preserved the gift.