Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dig this for Christmas

An "Archeological Dig"

There were two parts to this gift. One was a kit for doing the dig: bandana, sunscreen, brushes, picks, magnifying glass, bandaids, etc. The other was the slab boxed in a crate, shown above. The idea came from an archeology kit we were thinking about getting for the older grandkids. We passed on the kit, but I liked the idea of Nana working with the kids digging into the strata of the sample to find its hidden treasures. There were 10 or so trinkets: a LEGO piece, a token to the Little Popcorn Shop, arrow heads, a balloon, a 'flicker' bulb and (the keeper) a nice pair of artisan earrings.

It was a lot of fun and the cinnamon laced throughout the plaster of paris, dirt and pine needles was definitely a touch of Christmas.