Thursday, December 22, 2011

Digital Wrap

The other day Pat told me that one of her goals for 2012 is going to be "catching up with technology." This year's unwrappable may help in that regard.

This unwrappable was a search challenge: find the gift I wrapped online.

Because there was a lot to do on Christmas Day, Pat waited until the morning of the 26th. Starting with Google, Pat quickly found this blog and read all the posts, reliving previous victories and some frustrations. Using the barcode scanner on Kirsten's phone,  Pat read the code above and arrived at the target website,, purchased for this occasion.

Pat did have to google the equivalent of the right mouse button to access zoom in Flash Player. I don't think she will soon forget the right mouse button! 

The animated Flash 'card' did prove to be frustrating, mainly because I didn't code it not to un-freeze when re-clicked. Several times Pat got the target package in sight, but it vanished with the next click. Once she even  zoomed in close enough to see the first part of her gift certificate code but the zoom in screen covered the rest. So close! 

I managed to freeze the gift code package so we could copy the gift code and redeem it on Amazon: $50 toward Kindle books for her new Kindle Touch. 

Let's call this unwrappable mostly a success. It took over 30 minutes with the blog, but it is not likely to become a keepsake.

If anyone else wants to try it, will remain online until the domain name expires, sometime next December, however the gift code has been redeemed. Fortunately no one stumbled upon her code first.